Common problems associated with clogged car air filters

Your car doesn’t run on fuel alone—it requires a precise mixture of fuel and air in order to run properly. The air filter ensures this mixture is at the right ratio, and filters out any dust or particulate that could harm your engine.

As your car air filter ages, it becomes clogged with debris and is less able to protect your engine. Failing to replace your engine filter regularly can lead to fouled spark plugs, reduced gas mileage, rough idling and engine failure.

But when do you need to replace your filter? The old rule of thumb was to change your auto air filter every 15-30,000 miles. Realistically, you should have your air filter checked regularly during your routine oil changes and replaced as needed.

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4 signs it might be time for an air filter replacement

Replacing your engine filter at regular intervals can save you money on costly repairs later on. Ideally, you would follow the guidelines specified in your owner’s manual. For many people, however, air filter replacement isn’t always at the top of the list for car repairs.

In this case, it’s important to notice the signs of a clogged or old air filter before it escalates into more costly problems.

  1. Your ’Check Engine’ light is on
    Old filters are less equipped to separate dust and particulate from the air. This can result in a rich fuel mixture, which will leave deposits on your engine. This can starve your engine of air and cause the ’Check Engine’ light to come on.
  2. Your car is misfiring, idling or stalling
    Rough idles, stalling and misfiring could point to engine issues due to a clogged air filter. When your engine air filter is clogged or not giving the engine the amount of air it needs, the engine can’t function properly
  3. You’ve noticed your gas mileage plummet
    Auto air filters are meant to provide the right air-fuel mixture to your engine. A clogged air filter means less air can get through, and more gas is used per mile. This can cause a noticeable decrease in gas mileage.

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