Exhaust system repairs for mufflers, pipes and catalytic converters

Your exhaust system will, over time, wear out. Putting off exhaust system repairs not only puts mechanical stress on your engine, but the lingering fumes will pose a health risk to you and your passengers.

You need to take your car in long before your gas mileage drops, you fail an emissions test or car starts making strange noises.

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Noticing strange noises and lower gas mileage?

Schedule an exhaust system service before you fail an emissions test.

The three functions of your exhaust system

Your exhaust system is a series of pipes connecting your engine to your muffler, catalytic converter and tailpipe. It serves three functions crucial to the performance of your car: it reduces the emission of harmful gasses, routes exhaust gasses away from your engine and passengers and muffles engine noises.

Direct exhaust fumes away from your car

Exhaust fumes are poisonous. The job of the exhaust pipes and tail pipes are to direct those fumes far away from your vehicle. The exhaust manifolds collect the exhaust fumes from the cylinders or combustion chambers and funnels them to one pipe, which carries the gas to the catalytic converter. Exhaust fumes are directed out of your exhaust system through the tail pipe located under your back bumper.

Directing gas away from your engine and away from your car is important because lingering gases can cause your engine to deteriorate. They also pose a serious health threat if inhaled. Keeping up with exhaust pipe repairs is paramount to protecting your engine and your passengers.

Reduce emission of harmful pollutants

A series of small explosions happening thousands of times a minute propel your engine. The byproducts of these explosions—nitrogen oxide, carbon monoxide and hydrocarbons—are poisonous to you, your passengers and the environment.

These fumes are a serious pollutant and, following the Clean Air Act in 1970, car manufacturers introduced catalytic converters, which are meant to cut down on pollution by converting harmful emissions into less harmful ones. The job of the catalytic converter is to chemically transform your engine’s exhaust fumes into less harmful gasses such as carbon dioxide, water vapor and nitrogen.

Of all the parts of your exhaust system, the catalytic converter is the most expensive to repair. But it’s also integral to the overall function of the system and needs to be repaired at the first sign of problems for both your safety and the health of the environment.

Reduce engine noise

The muffler, along with the resonator, reduces the noise of your engine. If you notice strange sounds coming from underneath your car, it is likely that your muffler or resonator is loose, broken or corroded.

You shouldn’t ignore any muffler problems, as a broken muffler can damage other areas of your engine or exhaust system.

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