Schedule your next car inspection with St. Louis & KC’s most trusted mechanics

Car inspections—whether for preventative maintenance and peace of mind or for state-mandated vehicle inspections—keep your car running better, longer. At Telle Tire & Auto Centers, our state licensed and ASE-certified technicians will provide you top-notch auto inspection service for an affordable cost.

For four generations, Telle Tire has built a reputation as the mechanics who go above and beyond for their customers. During any testing and inspection, we’ll be transparent with our findings and the cost of any necessary repairs. Maybe that’s why our customers keep coming back—we treat them like family.

The next time you need a car inspection—whether it’s an emissions test, safety inspection, scheduled maintenance or pre-vacation service—give us a call. We’ll give you top-notch customer service and car maintenance for a low price. We’ll even provide complimentary snacks and shuttle service back home or to work. That’s the Telle Difference.

Our car inspection and testing services

Emissions Testing

You are required by law to get a vehicle emissions inspection every two years, or whenever there’s a title change. During an emissions test, we will test your exhaust system per Gateway Vehicle Inspection Program (GVIP) standards.

State Inspection

You must get a state auto inspection whenever your registration is up for renewal. Our licensed mechanics will check your brakes, engine, exhaust and other crucial safety features per state guidelines.

Tire Pressure Inspection

Tire pressure monitoring systems (TPMS) were introduced in the early 2000’s to promote fuel efficiency and highway safety through real-time tire pressure notifications displayed to the driver. You need to stay on top of TPMS maintenance through TPMS vehicle inspections to maximize your safety and the useful life of your tires.


Keeping up with preventative maintenance keeps your car running as intended for longer. Not only do tune-ups increase your engine’s performance, but they also serve as a car inspection. We’ll pop open the hood, look around and catch small problems before they escalate into big ones.a