Regular fuel system service improves fuel efficiency, driveability

Every time you put your foot on your pedal, you are controlling how much fuel you’re injecting into your engine. Your fuel system—comprised of a fuel injector and filter, or a carburetor in older models—is responsible for sending exactly the right amount of fuel to your engine. The harder you press, the more fuel you inject and the faster you go.

Neglecting to bring your car in for regular fuel system services can cause your fuel filter or injector to become clogged with carbon deposits and debris. Not only can clogged fuel injectors and filters reduce your fuel economy, but they can also drastically shorten the useful life of your engine.

Typically, you should replace your fuel filter and schedule fuel injector cleanings periodically. Every car is different, however. Make sure to check your owner’s manual for maintenance instructions specific to your particular vehicle.

If you notice any of the telltale signs of fuel system problems—reduced fuel economy, rough idling, hesitation when accelerating, engine knocking, sticking throttle pedals or cold-start problems—you should schedule a fuel system service immediately to prevent irreparable engine damage.

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Why is fuel system service so important?

Over time, carbon, dirt and debris will clog your fuel filters and injectors. When this happens, your fuel system can no longer accurately measure and deliver the right amount of fuel to the engine. This will reduce your fuel efficiency and, if not quickly repaired, cause serious damage to your engine.

If you don’t repair your fuel system regularly, you might start noticing sluggish acceleration, rough idling or other driveability issues. Over time, a malfunctioning fuel system can render your car undrivable. That’s why it’s so important to maintain your fuel system.

Bring your car to the nearest Telle Tire & Auto Center for your fuel system maintenance service. We’ll perform the necessary work quickly, and for an extremely competitive price. And, to protect you against the road ahead, we’ll warranty both parts and labor.

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