Wheel balancing saves your tires from premature wear and tear

Regular wheel balancing service can save your tires from uneven wear and premature failure. When your tires are installed, your technician will ensure that the weight of your tire is balanced, or distributed evenly.

As you drive, though, the weight distribution of your tire system might change. This distribution change will often manifest itself as a vibration or uneven tread wear, which happens because imbalanced tires will wobble slightly on the axle. This wobbling is often imperceptible until you reach a speed of 50-70 mph.

Wheel balancing is often confused with tire alignments, but they treat vastly different tire problems. Alignments correct angles of installation—measured in degrees—while wheel balancing corrects uneven weight distribution—measured in grams or pounds. If you can’t decide which tire service you might need, just bring your car in, tell the mechanic the problems you’re experiencing and they’ll determine which service will work best.

At Telle Tire & Auto Centers, both wheel balancing and tire alignments are free of cost if you bought your tires from us—it’s just another way we protect drivers against the road ahead with some of the best warranties in the business.

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Common signs you’re due for wheel balancing service

It can be difficult to notice wheel balancing problems before they escalate into tire damage. But, if you notice the two following signs, it’s probably time to have your car looked at.

  • Your steering wheel or seats are shaking
    If you notice your steering wheel or seats begin to vibrate when you reach 50-70 mph, it is likely that your tires are imbalanced. Wheel vibrations usually point to uneven weight distribution on your front wheels, while seat vibrations mean uneven weight distribution in your rear wheels.
  • You notice erratic tread wear patterns
    There are actually many causes of uneven tread wear—wheel balancing problems are just one possible cause. Still, erratic tread wear problems point to underlying tire or suspension problems. The professional mechanics at Telle Tire & Auto Centers will be able to accurately diagnose the underlying problem of your tread wear problem.

When you bring your car into the nearest Telle Tire & Auto Center, we’ll first determine the underlying problem and then fix it at its source. If wheel or tire balance is the problem, we’ll counteract the ”heavy” spots of your tire by attaching measured lead weights on the opposite side. We can determine exactly how much weight is required to balance your tire system by using a state-of-the-art balancing machine.

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