The importance of regular cooling system maintenance

Your car’s cooling system is responsible for maintaining safe operating temperatures for your engine. The cooling system is comprised of seven main parts: your water pump, coolant, cooling fans, thermostat, pressure cap, overflow reservoir and, most importantly, your radiator.

An improperly functioning cooling system will cause your engine to overheat, inhibiting engine performance and inflicting serious engine damage. That’s why keeping up with radiator flushes and coolant leak repairs is so important—they’re small, inexpensive repairs that prevent costly engine damage down the line.

At Telle Tire & Auto Centers, we know that radiator flushes are more than a simple “drain-and-fill”—they’re a chance for us to examine your cooling system as a whole. For the price of a radiator flush, you’ll get an inspection of the fans, hoses and water pumps that keep your engine cool. It’s just another way we’re driving your way.

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Keep your engine working through regular cooling system maintenance.

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How your cooling system works

When your engine is working, the many moving parts rub against each other creating friction. Friction, in turn, creates heat. Without your cooling system, your engine would overheat. And quickly. The cooling system must work constantly to dissipate any excess heat away from your car’s engine.

The cycle begins when the water pump pushes the coolant, typically antifreeze, from the radiator into your car’s engine. The coolant absorbs any excess heat in the engine block. The coolant carries the heat from the engine to the radiator, where the heat will be released with a series of cooling fans. Then the cycle begins again.

The thermostat controls the heat of your engine. The Temperature Sensor sends a signal to your gauge or light on the dashboard in the event that your engine is overheating and normally illuminates the Check Engine Light as well.

Common cooling system repairs: Radiator flushes and parts replacements

It’s typically recommended that you bring your car in for a coolant service or repair about every 30,000 miles but always check with the vehicle manufacturer for the proper interval for your car. Of course, if your gauge is notifying you that your engine is overheating, you should come in for an emergency repair as soon as possible so your engine doesn’t sustain irreparable damage.

The most common radiator repairs are radiator flushes and parts replacements. The repair service might be more involved if your engine is seriously damaged, or if it’s been a significant period of time since your last cooling system service.

  • Radiator flush
    During a radiator flush, we will drain and replace your coolant fluid. Over time, your cooling system can build up debris and particles in the hoses and radiator, causing pressure to build. This pressure can lead to damage, leaks and engine damage.Replacing the fluid flushes out all the debris, and gives your cooling system a fresh start, so it can better protect your engine from overheating.
  • Parts replacement
    Each part of your cooling system is important. If even one part is damaged, your cooling system won’t work as intended. Perhaps there’s a leak, or your water pump isn’t working. Whatever the part or repair, the Telle Tire & Auto Center technicians will replace it quickly and warranty the parts and labor through 30,000 or three years.

The Telle Difference: Industry best practices and warranties

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