Time for an oil change? Learn how to do it yourself (or find the best mechanic in town)

It’s true. You can perform an oil change yourself. In fact, here’s a great how-to video.

But before blocking off a whole Saturday and getting out the car jack, think about this: if you do it yourself, you’re missing out on a great opportunity to have your mechanic spot bad gaskets, fix leaking O-rings and top off your car fluids.

When it’s time to change your oil, Telle Tire & Auto Centers can help. For 82 years and four generations, the Telle family has understood the importance of providing strong value through quality products and services. Our ASE-certified technicians provide trusted excellence built on generations of long-term relationships and proven excellence.

See what our past clients have to say, or come in and see for yourself. From basic maintenance to comprehensive diagnostics and full engine repair, Telle Tire & Auto Centers are your one-stop-shop with you every mile of the way. Visit any of our 6 convenient locations for the best oil change in town.

Time for an oil change?

Save yourself the time and hassle—leave it to Telle.

Benefits of having an expert change your oil

Having someone else change your oil is just easier, faster and, in some cases, cheaper. Let’s break that down:

  • Save yourself time with a quick oil change
    You could take an entire Saturday to change your oil. Or, you could get it done in about 30 minutes by bringing it to our professional repair shop. Plus, our expert mechanics will be able to spot—and fix—problems with your engine, suspension and tires to prevent downtime in the future. And all that for the low price of an express oil change. Expert tip: be on the lookout for our oil change specials to save money in addition to time.
  • You could potentially save money in future repairs
    Think of oil change services as a way to evaluate the overall state of your car. Doing a quick oil change yourself might fix the immediate problem—replacing old oil with new—but you might not recognize worn or deteriorated gaskets, tires and filters.

We will and do. After the oil change, we’ll take a couple minutes and visually inspect your car to spot any potential problems, so we can give you an accurate idea of your car’s condition. The Telle team will never advise work that your car doesn’t actually need—we just want to make sure your car is prepared for the road ahead.