Choose a reputable, qualified mechanic for your auto computer diagnostic test

Auto computer diagnostics have simplified the process of identifying and fixing car problems. In the past, simple engine components were wired together in complex configurations. These days, car manufacturers have computerized every component of your car from the fuel injector to the oxygen sensor.

Your car might have as many as 50 microprocessors monitoring pressure, temperature, speed and a number of other things. These processors communicate with your car’s central module, sending messages whenever a sensor notices a problem. The central module saves the ”fault code,” a code that says which processor sensed the problem, and what it measured.

When a fault code has been saved, your ”Check Engine” light will come on. A simple car computer diagnostic test will reveal the problem.

Easy, right?

Well, sort of. Because vehicle diagnostic tests reveal problems so quickly and easily, it’s tempting to replace the part in question without identifying the underlying problem.

Take this example. Your oxygen sensor has sent a message saying that your fuel-air mixture is ”lean,” or there’s too much air. This means one of three things: your oxygen sensor is malfunctioning, you have a fuel injector problem or there’s a vacuum leak. You could replace your oxygen sensor all day, but if the underlying problem is a vacuum leak, fuel supply issue or something else, you’re just wasting your money.

Auto computer diagnostic tests make it easier than ever for DIY-ers and inexperienced mechanics to inaccurately diagnose car problems. This wastes your money and your time.

The results from vehicle diagnostic tests should be treated as a compass rather than a direct answer. It gives you the general area of possible problems, and a direction to go. But it doesn’t tell you exactly what is wrong—only an experienced, properly trained and equipped technician can effectively diagnose an engine computer problem.

The Telle car computer diagnostic process

Our team of experienced mechanics never jumps to conclusions—we don’t want to waste your money. When we get your car in, we’ll run a quick but extensive auto computer diagnostic test.

Once we know which fault code triggered the ”Check Engine” light, we’ll research the possible implications given your car’s make, model and year. We’ll troubleshoot, thinking about every possible cause of the problem.

When we’re sure we know what set off the sensor, we will explain the recommended repair, give you an estimate and only after receiving your approval, get started fixing your car.

The Telle Difference: Family values, expert knowledge

Telle Tire & Auto Centers have been servicing St. Louis cars for over 82 years. Over the years we’ve perfected the science of automotive repair and the art of serving customers. We require the most out of our employees while catering to our customer’s every need.

We offer the best warranties in the business. And, while you wait for us to complete your auto computer diagnostic test, feel free to help yourself to coffee and snacks. If you need us to, we’ll drive you to and from work through our complementary shuttle service.

That’s the Telle Difference.

Trust your car with the automotive repair technicians that go the extra mile.