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St. Louis and Kansas City have trusted us with its car maintenance needs since 1942. Why? Because we treat our clients like family.

We provide high-quality auto maintenance service using the best ASE-certified technicians. And we provide our customers with some of the best labor and parts warranties in the industry. Plus, we pay attention to the details: optional shuttle service, snacks in the breakroom and quick turnarounds.

We’ve built our reputation by valuing every client relationship—just ask our past clients. From basic maintenance to comprehensive diagnostics and full engine repair, Telle Tire & Auto Centers are your one-stop-shop with you every mile of the way.

Expertise. Convenience. Reliability. We perform all services and repairs on all makes and models.

Our auto maintenance services

Air conditioning

You’ll know when your air conditioning breaks. Especially if it happens in the heat of summer. Our expert auto maintenance technicians can fix your A/C and cool your car off in no time.

Air Filters

Your car’s engine relies on your air filter to provide a precise mixture of air and fuel in order to run. Failing to replace your air filter at regular intervals can reduce your fuel efficiency, contaminate your gas tank or even cause your car to stall.

Battery and Electrical System

Jumper cables are only a temporary solution to electrical system problems. Putting off electrical car maintenance is a safety risk. Your speedometer can fail, your lights can dim or your car can stall in the middle of the highway.

Belts and Hoses

If your belts and hoses fail, so will your engine. Keeping up with regular car maintenance for your timing belts and cooling hoses is critical to keeping your car up and running.

Computer Diagnostics

Computer diagnostic tests have simplified the process of identifying car troubles. But you still need to choose a mechanic who treats the source of the problem rather than mindlessly replacing parts.

Fleet Services

Choosing a fleet service repair partner is hard. Learn why Enterprise and ARI chose to work with us for their St. Louis & Kansas City fleet management contracts.a


When your engine is running, it gets hot. Your radiator—along with the rest of your cooling system—prevents your engine from overheating. Regular radiator flushes are necessary to keep your engine cool and running.


Your exhaust system is responsible for directing dangerous fumes away from your vehicle and your passengers. If you don’t keep up with regular exhaust car maintenance, you can fail emissions tests, pollute the environment and prematurely wear your engine.

Fuel System Service

Broken fuel systems cost you money. Your fuel economy will plummet. The useful life of your engine will decrease. In extreme cases, your car will be rendered undrivable. You can prevent fuel system failure through regular vehicle maintenance.

Suspension, Shocks, and Struts

If your suspension wears out, a bumpy ride will be the least of your worries. Your tires and brakes will wear out prematurely. You will have less control over steering, braking and accelerating. But, through regular auto maintenance, you can prevent common suspension problems.

Oil Changes

Sure, you could change your oil yourself. But you’d be missing a prime opportunity to have a trained mechanic spot bad gaskets, top off your car fluids, and fix leaking o-rings. It’s just faster, easier and, in some cases cheaper, to leave it to the professionals.