Why you need regular tire rotations

Invariably, your front tires wear down faster than your rear tires—they carry about 60 percent of your car’s weight, they accelerate, they steer and they brake. No wonder that, without regular tire rotations, your rear tires will last twice as long as your front tires.

Tire rotations, when done properly, equalize the wear on your front, rear, right and left tires. This not only increases your gas mileage, but it also lengthens the life of your tires. And because tires aren’t cheap to replace, having your tires rotated at the appropriate intervals is a cost-saving measure.

The price of tire rotations largely depends on the size of your tire. At Telle Tire & Auto Centers & KC Complete Auto Service, however, we know that cutting costs and maximizing the life of your tires is important to you. That’s’ why, when you have your tires installed by Telle Tire, we give tire rotations, wheel balancing and other regular tire maintenance measures free of cost.

So, if you think it’s time for a tire rotation, don’t let the cost stop you—your rotation is on the house.

How long has it been since your last tire rotation?

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Three signs it’s time for a tire rotation

Your tires won’t go from ”good” to ”bad” overnight. If you’re driving each day, it can be difficult to know when to bring your car in. Here are three signs that it’s time to bring your car in for a tire rotation:

  1. It’s been about 3-7,000 miles since your last tire rotation.
    Ideally, you should rotate your tires every other oil change, or every 3-7,000 miles. This will ensure that your front and rear tires wear evenly.
  2. Your wheel vibrates when you drive.
    Every driver, car and tire is Some drivers wear their tires down more quickly than others; likewise, some tires wear more quickly than others. So let’s say it’s only been 2,000 miles but you’re experiencing steering wheel vibrations—in this case, it might be good to bring your car in to check for tire, suspension or alignment problems.
  3. Your tires are showing signs of uneven tread wear.
    A good way to check for uneven tread wear is to measure the tread depth—the space between the highest and lowest point of the tread—at several spots along each tire. If there is a large difference between the tread depth of each tire, your tires are wearing unevenly.

If you think it’s time for a tire rotation, let us know. And, if you had your tires installed by Telle, we’ll give you a rotation absolutely free of cost.

Which tire rotation pattern will work best for your car?

As mentioned above, every car and driver is different. As such, there is no one ”proper” way to perform a tire rotation. There are dozens of ways to rotate your tires, from just switching the front and back tires, to rotating in an ”X” pattern.

Which method you should use depends on three things: whether you have front- or rear-wheel drive, whether you have directional or non-directional tires and which method is specified in your car’s manual. First and foremost, though, you should follow the directions in your manual to decide how—and when—to rotate your tires.

  • Non-directional tires
    Non-directional tires can be installed on any wheel—as such there are countless rotation patterns that will work. In this case, it is best to reference your vehicle’s manual to determine which pattern is best for your car and tire.
  • Directional tires
    Directional tires are designed to best fit on either the right or left side of the car. When rotating directional tires, it’s best to keep tires on the same side of the car. Your technician will likely swap the rear-left tire for the front-left tire, and rear-right for front-left.

Telle Tire & Auto Centers has been performing tire rotations since 1942, and we have it down to a science. We will evaluate your car’s specific needs and perform your tire rotation accordingly.

So trust us to take car of your car. We’ll perform your tire rotation correctly the first time and guarantee our work to protect you against the road ahead. We’ll even provide you refreshments while you wait. That’s the Telle Difference.

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