The importance of keeping up with car battery replacement or electrical repair.

Your car won’t run as intended if the electrical system isn’t working. If you notice your lights are dimming, your car is stalling or your car won’t start, it is likely a sign of battery, starting or charging problems.

The electrical system is comprised of three main parts: the battery, charging system and starting system. Your electrical system is responsible for starting your car, powering all electric components (i.e., the radio, heated seats and headlights) and for charging your car battery while driving.

Neglecting to maintain your car battery and electrical system poses a serious safety risk—your speedometer can fail, your lights can dim or your car can stall in the middle of the highway. You need to take action at the first sign of car battery or electrical system failure.

Jumper cables might be a short-term solution for some car battery problems, but you will likely need to take your car to the shop to prevent further damage.

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Time to repair your car’s electrical system?

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When to replace your car battery

Your car battery supplies electricity to all the components of your electrical system, including the essential power required to start your vehicle. In periods of high demand or when your alternator is having trouble, the battery also supplements power from the charging system.

Jumper cables are a good emergency solution to get you moving. If, however, you have to jump your car regularly, you might need a car battery replacement and should consult with the experts at Telle. Other less obvious signs it’s time to replace your battery are if your battery is three years or older, it’s bulging or it’s leaking fluid.

Signs of charging system problems

Your battery might run the electrical components, but your charging system is what keeps the battery running. The charging system is comprised of three main components: the alternator, the  voltage regulator and the battery.

The alternator serves two functions: it powers the electrical system and charges the battery while your car runs. Power runs through the circuits. And the voltage regulator ensures the overall voltage of your electrical system is sufficient and stable.

You can’t pay attention only to your car battery—each component in your charging system must be properly maintained. You can usually tell that one—or all—parts of your charging system need to be replaced if your car will start when jumped, but die after running for a little bit.

Signs it’s time to look at your starting system

Your starting system turns on the engine. The starting system is composed of a series of components that work in succession. If your car fails to start—even intermittently—or the starter keeps running long after your vehicle has started, you likely have a starter system problem on your hands.

The Telle Difference

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