Maintenance considerations for timing belts and cooling hoses

Timing belts and cooling hoses are made of rubber. And because they are subject to high-heat, high-pressure environments, they are prone to cracking, weakening and softening.

In comparison to the rest of the equipment in your vehicle, belts and hoses have a relatively short lifespan. Because your serpentine belts and cooling hoses work in conjunction to make your engine maintain proper temperature, this can spell disaster for your car.

Ideally, you should schedule serpentine belt and cooling hose replacements about every 60-100,000 miles, or as recommended by you owner’s manual. Proper hose and belt maintenance is just as important as regular oil changes—if your timing belt or hose fails, so will your engine. And it will cost you more than an overdue oil change ever will.

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If your belts and hoses fail, so will your engine.

Don’t leave the health of your car to chance—get your engine checked today.

Timing and serpentine belt service: Why proper maintenance is important.

Many parts of your engine—power steering, alternators, compressors, cooling fans and water pumps—rely on a system of pulleys and belts to operate. Whether your car uses individual belts or a single serpentine belt, belt damage can lead to serious engine damage.

This is why regular visual inspections are necessary. During a visual inspection, the Telle Tire & Auto Center team will first look for signs of damage (i.e., cracking, glazing, softening or peeling). If we notice tension or alignment problems, we will correct them on the spot. For future reference, we will record your belt condition in our system.

You can request to have us look at your belt during your annual tune-up. You might, however, need to bring your car in sooner if you notice any of these signs of serpentine belt damage:

  • Your car won’t start, or misfires
    There are, of course, many possible car problems that prohibit your engine from turning over. One good indication that the problem stems from timing belt damage is if you hear the motor start to engage, but the engine won’t fully turn over or spins rapidly without engaging. This is because the timing belt operates your camshaft and crankshaft, which help to power your engine.No matter what is causing your car not to start, you should take your car in. If it’s due to a broken timing belt, though, it could point to significant engine damage.
  • Your car is leaking oil
    An oil leak could indicate that something inside of your timing cover is worn out or failing. The timing cover is intended to keep debris, dust and gravel from damaging your timing belt and other timing components. When any of the components under the timing cover fail, oil can leak from your engine block.

Maintain your radiator or cooling hose to prevent engine failure

If your cooling hose is ruptured, your engine will quickly overheat. And, because cooling hoses are made of rubber, they are liable to crack or weaken because of the high heat and pressure environments they are subjected to.

As with timing belts, it is recommended to have your cooling hose checked regularly. At Telle Tire & Auto Centers, we will first search for any leaks or cracks. Then we will check for hardening or softening rubber, which can make your hoses more brittle or weak.

We’ll use our state-of-the-art pressure technology to test your cooling system, and record all information we find in our system for future reference.

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