ID/OD Inspection

Vehicle inspections are necessary for road safety and environmental responsibility and, in the case of an ID/OD inspection, to ensure the safety of those purchasing a used vehicle. These inspections are essential to vehicle ownership, ensuring legal compliance and financial responsibility. In this blog, we’ll explore an ID/OD inspection, how much it costs, the state regulations, and where you can get one performed. 

What is an ID/OD Inspection?

An Identification Number/Odometer Reading Inspection (ID/OD) is required in Missouri if vehicle ownership is transferred to a buyer on a title issued by another state or country. Essentially, the vehicle must undergo an inspection verifying that the vehicle identification number (VIN) and odometer reading are accurate. The inspection is not required if the vehicle is transferred on a Manufacturer’s Statement of Origin. 

In the state of Missouri, to verify the inspection has been completed, one of the following documents must be presented and must be less than sixty days old: 

  • A current inspection form completed by an authorized Missouri inspection station that certifies the VIN and odometer reading
  • For applicants and vehicles out of state at the time of titling, the following will need to be submitted:
    • A notarized affidavit signed by the applicant explaining the reason the application is unable to return to Missouri
    • A vehicle inspection performed by an authorized inspection station or law enforcement officer in the state where the vehicle is located
  • For situations where the vehicle is in Missouri but inoperable at the time of titling, the applicant will need to submit one of the following:
    • A statement signed by an authorized Missouri law enforcement officer verifying the VIN and current odometer reading
    • A completed Application For Vehicle/Trailer Identification Number Plate or Verification (Form 5062)
  • Military applicants may have a commissioned officer other than the vehicle owner sign a document to verify the VIN and odometer reading of a vehicle previously titled out of state if the vehicle is also out of state.

New vehicle owners cannot legally own the vehicle in Missouri until an ID/OD inspection has been completed and authorized. Vehicle owners should verify the VIN as soon as possible, especially before selling the vehicle.

What is Checked in an ID/OD Inspection?

Much of this inspection is performed via identifying documents and official paperwork proving ownership rights over the vehicle. To ensure accuracy, all documents related to the inspection must be no more than sixty days old and are required to display the vehicle’s titling status correctly. 

For VIN verification, the inspection form requires the vehicle owner to specify the type of verification they’re requesting, the type of vehicle needing inspection, and the contact information of all registered owners of the vehicle. Further details are required about the vehicle, including year, make, VIN, and model. A notary or authorized law enforcement officer must complete the remaining sections within the VIN verification form. 

When requesting a VIN inspection, vehicle owners will need to submit additional documentation, including: 

  • An application for a vehicle title if it has not yet been titled
  • A certificate of title if it has been titled
  • Payment method for the title and processing fees

How Much Does an ID/OD Inspection Cost?

The total fee when applying for a title in Missouri is $14.50. The ID/OD inspection cost is included in this application cost. 

How Long are ID/OD Inspection Results Valid?

The ID/OD inspection is valid for 60 days. Despite the brief window, it’s only essential when titling a vehicle, so it is not an inspection that must be performed regularly. 

State-Specific Regulations

Regulations surrounding the ID/OD inspections can vary from state to state. 

  • Missouri: The MoDOT guidelines state that new vehicle owners cannot legally own a vehicle in Missouri until an ID/OD inspection has been completed and authorized. The requirements have been outlined throughout the blog.
  • Kansas: An ID/OD inspection is required in Kansas if the vehicle has a title from another state or foreign country; the vehicle was assembled, reconstructed, reconstituted, or restored from one or more vehicles; or the proper VIN of the vehicle is in doubt. The inspection is required before a license tag or title for a vehicle is issued in the state and is conducted by trained law enforcement personnel.
  • Illinois: A VIN inspection is required in Illinois before completing an emissions test. If the VIN is not correctly verified, you won’t be eligible for an emissions test and, in turn, cannot renew your vehicle registration. An odometer inspection is performed only when selling a vehicle. 

Get Your Missouri ID/OD Inspection at Telle Tire 

An ID/OD inspection is required in Missouri for those looking to sell a vehicle. Without one, a buyer cannot properly license a vehicle, creating legal issues, especially if they drive it without this certification. If you are selling a vehicle or looking to purchase a used car from an independent seller, contact Telle Tire for an ID/OD inspection.